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The Amityville Horror is a 1979 American supernatural horror film, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, based on the Jay Anson's bestselling 1977 novel of the same name. It is the first film in the Amityville Horror franchise. A remake was produced in 2005.

The story is based on the alleged real life experiences of the Lutz family who buy a new home on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, a house where a mass murder had been committed the year before. After the family move into the house, they experience a series of frightening paranormal events.



Main Family

  • George Lutz (portrayed by James Brolin)
  • Kathleen Lutz (portrayed by Margot Kidder)
  • Amy Lutz (portrayed by Natasha Ryan)
  • Gregory Lutz (portrayed by K.C. Martel)
  • Matthew Lutz (portrayed by Meeno Peluce)
  • Harry the family dog

Minor Characters

Listed as they first appear

  • DeFeo Family
    • Dead Father (portrayed by Jack Krupnick)
    • Boy (portrayed by J.R. Miller)
    • Girl (portrayed by Patty Burtt)
    • Ronald DeFeo Jr.
  • Sergeant Gionfriddo (portrayed by Val Avery)
  • Coroner (portrayed by James Tolkan)
  • Mrs. Townsend (portrayed by Elsa Raven)
  • Father Delaney (portrayed by Rod Steiger)
  • Father Bolen (portrayed by Don Stroud)
  • Aunt Helena (portrayed by Irene Dailey)
  • Jimmy (portrayed by Marc Vahanian)
  • Jackie the babysitter (portrayed by Amy Wright)
  • Bride (portrayed by Ellen Saland)
  • Agucci the cater (portrayed by Eddie Barth)
  • Father Ryan (portrayed by Murray Hamilton)
  • Father Nuncio (portrayed by John Larch)
  • Jeff (portrayed by Michael Sacks)
  • Carolyn (portrayed by Helen Shaver)
  • Neighbor (portrayed by James Dukas)
  • Bartender (portrayed by Hank Garrett)
  • Newspaper Clerk (portrayed by Peter Maloney)
  • Carpenter (portrayed by Charlie Welch)
  • Cop at the House (portrayed by Carmine Foresta)
  • New York State Trooper (portrayed by Michael Hawkins)
  • 2nd New York State Trooper (portrayed by Richard Hughes)
  • Cop #2 at the House (portrayed by Baxter Harris)
  • Policeman (portrayed by Michael Stearns)


Anything such as a force, character, or event that is not normal.


  • Axe
  • Quarter-Moon Windows
  • Black Water
  • Cat At Window
  • Ceramic Lion Statue