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Amityville II: The Possession is a 1982 supernatural horror film directed by Damiano Damiani. The screenplay by Tommy Lee Wallace is based on the novel Murder in Amityville by the parapsychologist Hans Holzer. It is a prequel to The Amityville Horror, set at 112 Ocean Avenue and featuring the fictional Montelli family loosely based on the DeFeo family. The cast includes Academy Award nominee Burt Young who was finding fame in Rocky at the time; there are a few references to the Rocky films within Amityville II. This film includes one of Young's rare darker roles as he plays an abusive, sadistic, and atheist father/husband in contrast to his more easy-going roles. It is the second movie in the Amityville Horror saga.

Amityville II set the pattern for low-budget sequels with little reference to real-life events in Amityville, and is the only other film in the series to feature music composed by Lalo Schifrin.


Main Family

  • Anthony Montelli (portrayed by Burt Young)
  • Delores Montelli (portrayed by Rutanya Alda)
  • Sonny Montelli (portrayed by Jack Magner)
  • Patricia Montelli (portrayed by Diane Franklin)
  • Jan Montelli (portrayed by Erika Katz)
  • Mark Montelli (portrayed by Brent Katz)

Major Characters

  • Father Adamsky (portrayed by James Olson)
  • Father Tom (portrayed by Andrew Prine)
  • Turner (portrayed by Moses Gunn)
  • Mr. Booth (portrayed by Ted Ross)

Minor Characters

  • Chancellor (portrayed by Leonardo Cimino)
  • Removal Man 1 (portrayed by Danny Aiello III)
  • Removal Man 2 (portrayed by Gilbert Stafford)
  • Mrs. Greer (portrayed by Petra Lea)
  • Judge (portrayed by Allan Dellay)
  • Detective Cortez (portrayed by Martin Donegan)
  • Police Chief (portrayed by John Ring)
  • Assistant Chancellor (portrayed by Peter Radon)
  • Funeral Director (portrayed by Lawrence Bolen)
  • Elderly Man in Church (portrayed by Tony Boschetti)
  • Police Officer 1 (portrayed by John Clohessey)
  • Police Officer 2 (portrayed by Hollis Granville)
  • Police Officer 3 (portrayed by Frank Patton)
  • Police Officer 4 (portrayed by Kim Ornitz)
  • Police Officer 5 (portrayed by Lindsay Hill)
  • Gardener (portrayed by Rudy Jones)
  • Guest at Birthday Party (portrayed by Todd Jamie)
  • Prison Doctor (portrayed by Ken Smith)
  • Demons' Voices (portrayed by Anita Keal, Sondra Lee, and Alice Playten)


Anything such as a force, character, or event that is not normal.

  • Demon



  • Amityville house