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Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes was released in 1989 as a television film by NBC. It is the fourth installment in the "Amityville Horror" saga. It was released on home video by Vidmark Entertainment, then released on DVD twice by Allumination Filmworks in 2003 and 2007. This was the only Amityville sequel to be based on a book in the main book series. "Amityville: The Horror Returns" was also going to air on NBC but the film was never made.



Main Family

  • Alice Leacock grandmother (portrayed by Jane Wyatt)
  • Nancy Evans mother (portrayed by Patty Duke)
  • Amanda Evans older daughter (portrayed by Geri Betzler)
  • Brian Evans son (portrayed by Aron Eisenberg)
  • Jessica Evans younger daughter (portrayed by Brandy Gold)
  • Fred the bird
  • Pepper the cat

Minor Characters

Listed as they first appear.

  • Father Dennis Kibbler (portrayed by Fredric Lehne)
  • Father Manfred (portrayed by Norman Lloyd)
  • Four Priests (one portrayed by John Debello)
  • Real Estate Agent Donald McTear (portrayed by Robert Alan Browne)
  • Helen Royce (portrayed by Peggy McCay)
  • Rhona (portrayed by Gloria Cromwell)
  • Delivery Men
  • Peggy (portrayed by Lou Hancock)
  • Danny Reade (portrayed by James Stern)
  • Walt Reade (portrayed by Alex Rebar)
  • Telegram Delivery Man
  • Dr. Briggs (portrayed by Warren Munson)
  • Jake the Plumber (portrayed by Gary Michael Davies)
  • Detective (portrayed by Jack Rader)

Unknown roles, but accredited: Michael Korn, Richard Crystal, David Elliot


Anything such as a force, character, or event that is not normal.

  • Flies
  • Bleeding Walls
  • Possessed Lamp (face in lamp portrayed by Jon Rice)
  • Frank Evans (portrayed by Jon Rice)